Reflection 1-EDTECH 506

When I started the EDTECH 506 Instructional Design course, I did not know what to expect. I really did not know the definition of Instructional Design. When I started researching the definition, I found out that it is a systematic development of instructional specifications using learning and instructional theory to ensure the quality of instruction. I am just beginning to understand this a bit more.

So far through out the semester, we have created a Unit outline which I am doing 7/8th grade Science. My lesson is on Food Chains and Field Books with Graphics incorporated. I now see that every assignment we complete, is a step closer to creating and finishing out Unit of Study that we created.

The hardest assignment thus far has been the Typography assignment. We had to create a typography that represents our Unit of instruction. I used Fireworks, which I have used once before, but am not very familiar with it. I posted 4 blocks with words in each box. One box had the word Science in it because I am completing a Science Unit. The second box had the word Field Book in it because with this unit the students are responsible for creating and making a field book. The third box had Animals going vertically and then across were all different kinds of animals that the students are going to be studying. Lastly, I put the word Food Chain, in the shape of a food chain to represent what the students would be learning and researching about. I was amazed at my classes images and frustrated at myself for not knowing how to complete this project with 100% capability.

This week we have to create some kind of shape that represents our Unit of Instruction. I may do a food web or chain and add my own touch to it. Hopefully this week goes smoother than last week!

I look forward to blogging about my progress throughout this course.


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