Learner Description: Users are Middle School 7th graders who will be completing a unit on Food Chain/Web’s and composing and creating their own field books.

Learning to gather information and take notes take practice and tools to become perfect Scientists. Throughout this unit, the students will be using their science books to gather information on food chains and food web’s. After all the information is collected and organized, the students will be putting together their own Field Book with examples from their notes. At the end of the unit, the students will be presenting the Field Book to the class.

This unit introduces the students to Food Chains and Food Web’s and how to create their own Field Book. They will model the Food Chains and Food Web’s for the students for their final showcase of their field books. Teachers will be forth coming with information about Food Web’s and Food Chains for the students. Teachers will guide their students in taking thorough notes and help them complete their field experience.


After this Food Chain unit, students will create a final field book showing all the information they learned about food chains/web’s and illustrate some images of these. Their understanding of the Food Chain/Web will be evidenced through the presentation of Field Books.

Teacher References:


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