Reflection Week 6 – Self Assessment on my Asynchronous Lesson EDTECH 521

This was such a challenging lesson for me. The first lesson I turned in was completely wrong and I received a zero out of 100! But thankfully we have such an amazing teacher she is letting me re-do the lesson with no points off. I am very thankful for this because hopefully I will graduate with a 4.0 in my Master’s program. I only have 2 classes left!

As I was working on my new lesson, I did see how different this one was than the one I created earlier. I think I did a wonderful job on my lesson. I created a website and had many different ways to learn the lesson on my website. I also had many different assessments that would track where my students were with their learning of Biomes.

As for the rubric:
Content: Including ACET Standards –
◦Staff information
◦Clearly stated lesson objectives.
◦Associated assignments
◦Links to resources
I think I did a great job on this! 20 points. My information is easy to find and I provide my email on almost every other site or homepage. The standards also go great with my lesson which cover the ACET standards.

Learning Style: Addresses a variety of learning styles. Includes multiple representations of material – including visual and audio components. I think I earned a 20 for this. I did multiple audio and visual representations of the lesson on Biomes.

Engagements:  High. Dynamic display (use of transitions, screen shots, quizzes with feedback, etc.) of material with many engaging or interactive features. (This can include but is not limited to message boards, Internet integration activities, live chats, etc..)

I think I earned an 18 on this part. Just because I didn’t know how to interpret screen shots into  I could see using them if I choose Adobe, but I am more familiar with and enjoy using this website.  I did, however, use many quizzes from Surveymonkey and think these were a great addition to my lesson.

Adaptive/Assistive Technologies:  Content is accessible to students with a wide variety of disabilities.

I again think I earned an 18 for this section. I do have multiple ways to learn my lesson…audio for the vision impaired, visually for the hearing impaired and so on…

But there is always more you can do for people with disabilities!

Assessment:  Both formative and summative assessments are included. The assessments are tied directly to the lesson objectives.

I think I received a 20 out 20 on this.  I had both formative and summative assessments in my lesson and think they will gather what my students know, want to know, and what they learned throughout the lesson.

I gave myself a 96/100. I think I worked really hard on this lesson and learned many new ways to educate my students in many different ways.  I think this will work really well in my classroom and am so excited to find out this year when I use it!


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