Reflection Week 4 – Real-Time Chat Cont… EDTECH 521

I really like the idea of text chats. I think this allows for a conversation except it’s in text and not face-to-face or actual talking to each other. But it does grasp the idea of a real conversation. Voice and text chat, in addition to instant messaging, are becoming preferred ways of communicating with others online. For language learners, these forms of communication allow users to share ideas about themselves and the world in almost real-time, and students can establish friendships with people from around the globe, and thus, it can be an easy way to learn languages and world cultures.

However, care and consideration should be given when finding friends on the Internet because you really don’t know who the person is at the other end unless you are setting up a chat with a friend or classmate. These are a great way to stay in touch easily with the ones you love and classmates for a project. It is so easy to say. “hey, get online!” and then just start talking about the project or assignment. I do this all the time, especially in my classes now. We are working with partners. My partner is 2 time zones away from me so we chat online all the time instead of calling or face timing. It is just easier and efficient for us.

Some disadvantages of text chat are: If you are shy you are far more vulnerable to being hurt by someone on the Internet and may slip up giving them too much information which they could use against you and cause all sort of problems for you. Cyberbullying is another problem. This is where one, two or more people pick on another person and constantly calls them names. Being young and stupid they don’t realize what they have done and the suicide rate connected with this is going up in leaps and bounds.

I am glad that more people use the text chat because it is the generation and how the world is becoming. It is sometimes impersonal, but it really is the way of the generation now.


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