Reflection Week 7 – Teacher Centered VS. Lecture Driven Classrooms EDTECH 521

As I was researching, I found out that I run my classroom more teacher centered than lecture driven. I do not do many notes in my classroom because growing up, I did not like this kind of learning and was bored with it. I try to do interactive activities where I introduce the topic with a video or a game of some sort and then we talk about the topic at hand. I am always walking around my classroom throughout the lesson, making sure my class in on task. I am a constructivist learner – meaning I learn better by doing hands-on activities. I do not learn by taking notes for 45 minutes and listening to my instructor talk and talk and talk….I always told my self I would never teach like this! Do not get me wrong, there are some days that I have to lecture about the topic because that is all you can do with some topics. But I do not lecture everyday and I also always have activities to go with my lectures or guided notes…just something to keep my students focused and not bored!

Strategies that may be suitable for live lessons are any lessons that are quick and to the point and test the students knowledge. I really liked using Blackboard Collaborative trail because you upload your lesson and as you are teaching the lesson to your students, you can make all kinds of marks and write all over the lesson, just as you would if you were at the whiteboard in your classroom. Blackboard also lets you create quizzes to assess the students knowledge. I really liked Blackboard because it is interactive and teaches the students in the same way you would teaching them face-to-face.


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