Reflection Week 5 – Learning Styles EDTECH 521

Learning strategies and styles are described in a range of ways. In the reading there are variations in different learning style “model”, there are also similarities.

Types of Learning Styles: Visual, auditory, kinesthetic learning styles

Visual Learning Style – This means you learn by seeing and looking

You will:

  • Take detailed notes rather than get involved in discussions
  • Tend to sit in the front so you can see clearly
  • Benefit from illustrations and presentations, and especially those in color
  • Make comments like:  “How do you see the situation?”
  •                                     “What do you see stopping you?”
  •                                    “Do you see what I am showing you?”

Four learning strategies that will best fit visual learners are:

  1. Write your own flashcards – Look at them often and write out the main points, then check.
  2. Write out/illustrate steps in a sequence
  3. Use color highlighters
  4. Look through charts, graphs and pictures

Auditory Learning Style – This means you learn by hearing and listening

You will:

  • Enjoy discussion and talking things through and listening to others
  • Acquire knowledge by reading aloud
  • Hum and/or talk to yourself’
  • Make comments like: “I hear you clearly.”
  •                                    “I’m wanting you to listen.”
  •                                    “This sounds good.”

Four learning strategies that will best fit auditory learners are:

  1. Podcasts
  2. Story-telling and re-telling
  3. Debates
  4. Mobile phones, voice recorders, iPods
  5. Drama performances

Kinesthetic Learning Style – this means you learn by touching and doing.

You will:

  • Need lots of breaks and will want to move around
  • Speak with you hands and gestures
  • Remember what was done, but have difficulty with what was said or seen
  • Learn through doing things
  • Make comments like: “How do you feel about this?”
  •                                    “Let’s move forward together.”
  •                                    “Are you in touch with what I am saying?”

Four learning strategies that will best fit kinesthetic learners are:

  1. Modeling clay
  2. blocks and cubes
  3. computers
  4. Globes and maps
  5. Experiments
  6. Field Trips

Out of the three learning style I feel that I am a bit of each.  I learn best by doing hands-on activities….definitely NOT note taking and lectures.  So this would be kinesthetic learning. When I am seeing an example being done, I like to see it the first time and then follow along and perform the experiment with the professor the second time.  This is more auditory learning and visual learning.  I do not know if you can be all three learning styles, but in my opinion I am a little of each.  This is why I am taking the online courses instead of sitting in a lecture hall being lectured. I have to be actually doing something and not just being talked to.  I was happy to find out that I am all three learning styles…I feel this makes me unique!


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