Reflection Week 4 – EDTECH 542

Discuss how your planned assessments meet the key requirements for effective assessments. Reflect on how you might adjust your teaching during this project to allow more student input in the evaluation process.

Here is the link to our assessment page of our PBL project. I feel that my partner Mark and I were right on with our assessments. The assessments held the students accountable on their terms. We have two different kinds of assessments: Formative and Summative.

Formative Assessments:

Our formative assessment starts with a Collaborative Learning Log: The students will be separated into groups of mixed abilities. They will then create a learning log Google Document that will be shared between the group. The group will then respond to different prompts and build a learning log for the group. The groups will also be given the opportunity to do
Learning Log Prompts

The Learning Log entries will be assessed using the following rubric.
Learning Log Rubric

Critiquing/Commenting on Learning Log Entries: The groups will share their learning logs with one other group in the class. The groups will then comment and critique the other group’s learning log entries on the differences, similarities, and changes that they think should be made. The critiques/comments will be assessed using the following rubric.

Commenting/Critiquing Rubric(need to create)

Online Quizzes: The students will also participate in online quizzes using a LMS like MOODLE or Google Sheets. These quizzes will provide the students with opportunities to be able to see how well they are actually understanding the material.

Concept Maps: The groups will also work on creating concept maps to aid in their understanding different ecosystems and the interactions that happen in them as well as the impact that humans have on them. Their maps will be assessed using the following rubric.

Concept Map Rubric(need to create rubric)

Summative Assessment
Multimedia Project: This is the culminating project. The groups will choose one ecosystem of the ones that have been researched and create a presentation or informational commercial on an ecosystem in an attempt to entice travels to visit an ecosystem. In their project, they will also discuss how humans have impacted the ecosystem and what attempts are being made to preserve it. 
Rubric for Multimedia Project(need to create a rubric)
For both of these assessments, they meet the key requirements for effective assessments.  Our assessments are made for the students, meaning they have personal relevance for students, the students can become more confident and articulate about what they know.  Our assessments guide them to success and have the students know exactly what they are researching.  The learning logs are wonderful because it can track their progress and it gets the students on track with researching and recording certain information.  The students assessment will also be public. They will have to complete a presentation or an informational commercial on their Ecosystem.  These will be assessed by a their students and teacher.
I may adjust my teaching during this project to allow more student input in the evaluation process by having the students critique themselves and their fellow classmates.  I feel that the students opinions on their fellow classmates projects are crucial because they will be honest and forthcoming with their critiquing.

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