Reflection Week 3 – EDTECH 542

This week my partner Mark and I decided that we were going to complete our PBL lesson plan on Ecosystems. We both teach some kind of Science and decided on this topic. This week was the start of our project. We had to come up with a solid driving question and a graphic organizer, organizing all our concepts for the lesson plan.

Our strong driving question is: What impact is the increasing human population having on the different ecosystems of the world and what can we do reduce the impact we are having?   How can accurate information about an ecosystem be portrayed effectively and creatively and inspire people to travel there?

We thought that this is a creative driving question along with an in-depth question.  The students will eventually have to create a pamphlet or a YouTube video of why their ecosystem is outstanding and is THE place to go visit.  Students have to use their creative and intellectual thoughts to complete this project.

Below is a link to our Ecosystem website. I feel that we have a very good concept going so far and a thorough lesson plan idea. I am excited to see our end project!


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