Reflection – Week 3 Real-Time Chat EDTECH 521

This week we were asked to facilitate a real-time chat with one or more people in our group. Catherine Howlett and I struggled for about 2 hours to try to accomplish this. We tried to create a “hangout” in Google+ and when I was trying to call her she was not picking up the line. Her internet kept booting her off. I kept asking Catherine to chat and for some reason she never saw my calls or invites to chat. Come to find out, I was asking a different Catherine Howlett to chat with me! Oops! The Catherine in my group did not even have a Google+ account! Once we figured this issue out, she registered for an account and then we were FINALLY able to talk through a hangout. Well, you would think our issues were resolved, but not so much! Once we were able to get into the “hangout,” we could see each other, BUT she could not hear me…I could only hear her. I really like the idea of “face-time” chat and the opportunity to see your partners face-to-face and to communicate as if you were sitting right next to each other.

With many obstacles that technology brings us, it is always exciting when you can figure those issues out and accomplish what you were meant to, but sometimes that is just not in the cards. Unfortunately, Catherine and I could not hear each other, but we could see each other and message each other. So we accomplished what we set out to do, just took us a bit longer to do and we were able to chat instead of video chat!


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