Reflection – Week 2 Interview Tool EDTECH 521


When asked to create an Interview Tool for my Online Class I was intrigued by this idea. I never thought to even have an interview tool available. Now that I have completed this week of the course, I now know that my phone interview will be very important in my teaching career. I interviewed one of my former students (and cheerleader) and her mom.

Did the interview questions help the parent or responsible adult open up to the conversation?

Yes! Most of my questions were very open-ended and required more than a one word response. I designed my interview to pull as much information I could out of the student and parent. The first couple questions were about family life…how many brothers and sisters do you have? Do you have any animals? I started with these questions first in my interview to kind of ease in and get to know them a bit better. Then I went into tougher questions like what concerns do you have about taking an online course and personal goals they set for themselves. To end the interview I asked questions like if you could be any animal what would it be? I wanted to get an insight of how they deal with questions that are about them and how they saw themselves through their eyes.

Were the things you learned about the student and family important information for you to consider while working with them this year?

All the questions I put on the interview, I feel, were important information that I needed to learn or wanted to learn about the student and parent. So, yes, the information I learned about the family and student is important information for me to consider while working with them this year. I really can focus on their personal goals and the concerns they may have with the online course.

Was it difficult to keep the conversation on track? Why or why not?

I do not think it was difficult to keep the conversation on track. The questions I asked kept the conversation rolling. We never had an awkward silence because the questions flowed nicely and it did not feel like an actual interview. The conversation was a great discussion not interview!

Do you feel this was a valuable exercise to complete before starting the school year? Why or why not?

I loved this exercise as I stated before. I will definitely use this tool at the start of the school year. This is also a great way to end the year. We can re-visit the first interview and the answers and see what they accomplished the entire year. Also, to see if the students accomplished their personal goals and if the student accomplished my personal goals for them. This is a valuable exercise because it lets the teacher get to know her students on a more personal level and lets the teacher see the students fear of taking an online course.


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