Self-Advertisement EDTECH 542- Week 1

I currently teach middle school mathematics in Mentor, Ohio.  I actually teach in the same district I attended for elementary school through middle school.  This is my 6th year teaching and love it! I do hope, someday, to only teach technology to students.  My middle school is evolving into a technology based school. This means that each student receives an iPad in grade 6 and this follows them all the way until they are seniors.  All our classrooms are “technology classrooms.” We have roller chairs and desks so it is easy to form groups each day.  It really is a neat concept.

Some of my hobbies include scrapbooking, book club, and just hanging out with the family! I have four nieces and nephews so they keep my husband and I busy on the weekends. We also have three “kids” of our own…2 dogs and a cat. We rescued them all and they are wonderful additions to our family!


This was our wedding party! 12 groomsmen, 11 bridesmaids, 2 flower girls and 1 ring bearer! It was HUGE!!

photo intro

These are our “kids.” From Left: Kita, Hank, and Scruffy! All rescues!

Three things I hope to get out of this class are:

1.  Learn the basics about PBL

2.  Understand how PBL can be incorporated into my classroom.

3.  Develop new ideas and lessons using PBL in the classroom.

Three things I can offer to the class:

1.  Experience with a technology based Math classroom

2.  Developing technology lesson plans in the Math classroom.

3.  Represent the middle school Math and technology  perspective in our class discussions.


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