541 – Interactive Presentation

PowerPoint is a wonderful tool for learning in both a student and teacher-directed situation. It can add a new dimension to learning allowing teachers to explain abstract concepts, while accommodating all learning styles. Used properly, PowerPoint can be one of the most powerful tools for disseminating information ever known.

I really enjoyed creating this power point this week. I do not get around to using many power points in my class because they are time-consuming. I am very proud of the one I made I though. It is interactive and fun, colorful, and will keep the student’s attention. When creating the power point, I tried to have as few word on the page as possible. If there is too much writing, then the student’s will lose attention quickly. I also put two videos into my presentation so that the students will have something to watch on the information being taught.

I really enjoyed the video on Don McMillan: Life after Death by PowerPoint. He made so many useful remarks.
1. Limit the amount of words you have on your page or you will lose your audience
2. SPELL CHECK!! You do not want your students or peers thinking you do not know how to spell…
3. Avoid excessive bullet pointing-only bullet key points.
4. Bad color schemes is also not good! Clashing backgrounds will just lose the students eyes on the board.
5. Animation can be distracting and ineffective. If you have too much animation, the students will get lost.

All his suggestions are wonderful! In order to have an outstanding power point, you need to keep it simple and fun!

I feel that I have learned many things about using a power point in the classroom this week.  I think I will start creating more power points because they really are an effective tool in learning.


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2 thoughts on “541 – Interactive Presentation

  1. I would also like to integrate more presentations into my teaching. Time is always an issue. An idea I have thought about would be to take a few weeks in the summer and hit on a few of the big ideas for common core and prepare presentations which I could share with my grade level and use again with a little updating each year. It would also be fun to create some type of scope and sequence you could use to teach your students about presentation tools and outline specific projects to build on the skills they are acquiring.

  2. I agree, the comic act by McMillan was really funny and useful. I commented in my blog that to first get teachers to want to update or change the way the make power points, you would have to convince them that they are doing it badly to begin with. McMillan’s comedy routine would be a great ice breaker at the start of a training. Its a lot better than staring at people and telling them they are doing it wrong.

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