Reflection 7-Week 11 Organization Principle: Working with Hierarchy

Please click on the link to see my image: organization

This week I spent a lot of time on my organization image.  I choose to do some samples of Flow Charts for my organization piece.  I had four columns, each one representing a certain producer and consumers.  I then added color to each column to help relate it to the tropic level.  For example, for grass, I made the column green, for pond, I made the column light blue and for ocean, I made the column a dark blue.

I also put the pictures of the producers and consumers that I used in the flow chart.  This way the user’s eyes go right to the animal and then the words.  This is easier to understand for the user.  I would call these images my decorations for the page.

I really enjoyed this week’s assignment and feel that this page will make my unit more exciting for my student’s.


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