Reflection 6-Week 10 Color, Depth, and Space

This week we were supposed to create an image with color, depth, and space.  I choose to put the directions of the food web on the page and then had many animals on the page that the students will use to create their food web.  I added a red title to make it stand out on my white background.  The book said that using white, black or gray background was a good idea because this made the sheet easy to read and calming.  I also changed my box that has the directions in it.  I numbered my directions, and made the box a lighter gray.  I feel that this is easier for the viewer to see.  The animals are mostly bold colors, but the book did say to have less bold colors to represent importance. For example, the mouse is in gray because it is a less important animal than the jaguar, which is full of deep colors!  Symmetry was also brought up in this chapter, the way you represent the images on the sheet will help or hurt the viewer in understanding the point to your example.
I put the images in a neat and clean order around the writing because I wanted the viewer to feel calm about the assignment.

I liked this assignment and will be curious to see how my students react to this part of our unit!  I did feel that I spent more time on this assignment than most the rest.  There was more to consider when completing this assignment.  I think I did a pretty good job with it though!


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