Reflection 5-Week 9 Selection

Week 9 we had to complete a slide from the Selection Principle:  Emphasizing Figure and Ground.  After reading the chapter, I felt that my slide had to be bold and eye-popping to get the information across to the students.  This is an important part of our unit…the Field Book instructions.  The Field Book will be a huge part of their project for the unit.  I stuck to the 3 C’s in the chapter-Concentrated, Concise, and Concrete.  I felt that my slide had all of these included in it!  I choose to have a dark background so my red lettering would really be bold and stick out!  My slide is easy to read and easy to understand. I also put pictures next to the text, just in case the students needed some visual for each numbered selection.  I also felt that my information was to-the-point!  I did not have a ton of information on the slide, but enough to get the idea across to the students.

I broke the information up into sections instead of just one big blob of information.  I also made the text red so that the students eye’s were drawn to it!  The pictures were also a fun part of the slide because most students can relate the text with the images and fully understand the directions for the Field Book.

I liked this week’s assignment because it gave me a way to relay the information to the students in a fun and exciting way! I feel that my unit is really coming along great and that this will be a great asset to my teaching.


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