Reflection 2-Week 6 Shapes

This week we had to create a Shape to represent some part of our assignment.  Shape is known to be a powerful element in any project or lesson because it usually catches the learners eye.  A shape also holds a wide variety of meaning.

I choose to make a Food Web Pyramid for my shape to represent the big picture of my unit.  I choose a black background but put my shape on white background to make it stand out more.  The food pyramid is in color and I used animals for each layer of the pyramid.  I feel that my learners will have a better understanding of a food web when they can actually see the animals and what part of the pyramid they are on.  On my shape, grass is the first layer, then zebras, then the lions who are on the top of the pyramid!  I will be adding some text to each layer because the feedback I received, I feel this will make my shape better and more clear to the learner.


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