Reflection 4-Week 8 EDTECH 506

This week we had to make a CARP image. (CONTRAST, ALIGNMENT, REPETITION, AND PROXIMITY) I choose to put together my materials list and align them in columns.  I also choose to use a bright blue as my text for a little contrast on the white background.  I feel that my project was pretty good. I feel that if I knew Fire Works, which I am getting better at, a bit more…I would be able to make my images pop out more!  I do feel that my page was clean-looking and easy to read.  I was hoping this would bring a bit more excitement to my students when I was going over the initial project with my students. I did not want them to be bored during the presentation.  I also used repetition on my page by using the same size images for each material.

It took me awhile to figure out what I wanted to do this week’s assignment on…but then I thought, why not make my material list more appealing to the students!

I will look forward to my peers feedback because I thrive on this! My assignments only get better because of my peers and my teacher!


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