Reflection 3-Week 7 EDTECH 506

This week we had to create a graphic organizer for our unit. I choose to do a KWL chart because this is known by many teachers and students and is a very resourceful organizer. The “K” is what the students know about Food Chains and Food Web’s, the “W” is what they would like to learn and the “L” is what they have learned after the unit is complete.

In the readings this week it talked a lot about organization and how to keep your students organized during the unit. It also said to be creative with your graphic organizer. The KWL chart is a perfect way to be creative and organized.

I also got some feedback saying that I should put some padding around my edges on my KWL..which I will be doing. Some said also that the font on my KWL chart is difficult to read because it is jumbled together. I disagree with this statement, but welcome the feedback.

I felt better about this assignment, after going through some steps in Fireworks with our Professor.


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