School Evaluation Survey

For our final assignment, we were asked to visit our Technology Plan for our school.  We did this by completing a Technology Benchmark Survey, which you will see below.  The survey had us looking into technology use and integration in the following areas: Administration, curriculum, support, connectivity, and innovation.  Inside each category we had to assess the type also: Behavioral or Resource/Infrastructure.  We judged the categories rating them from Intelligent all the way down to emergent.  I really enjoyed picking through my school’s technology plan.

My experience was not mind-boggling.  I kind of figured that we would be strong in some areas, but not all.  I was surprised by the lack of training my school offered about the new technology.  Also, I was very surprised how low the Administrative section scored.  The administration is supposed to be our leaders and the ones that we go to for help and encouragement.  This section only scored Emergent to Islands, which in my eyes is low.

I was happy to see that connectivity was in the intelligent category.  Without connectivity, we will not have a strong internet or technology need.  It is frustrating when you go to do an assignment with the students and the server is down or it is running very slow. In my school, we have wi-fi all around the school which helps the internet run smooth and fast!

With my findings about my school technology, I am now able to make suggestions to our administration about some changes we should be making to make our school district run more properly and efficiently.  I am happy to have completed this assignment and feel that I am more knowledgeable about the technology around our district.

Below you will see my Technology Benchmark Survey and my own personal evaluation on the survey.  I hope this is as interesting to you as it is to me!

Technology Benchmark Survey

Technology Benchmark Survey Evaluation

Acet Standards Used:

Standards 5: Evaluation, 5.1 Problem and Analysis, 5.2 Criterion-referenced measurement


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