Science Lesson Plan on Food Chains and Field Books


Try this link out if you do not have access to Word Documents.


Reflection:  This assignment was filled with many activities.  The students love this lesson because it shows their creativity and they have independence on this assignment.  Also, my students love playing with the iPad because they love trying out new technology.  The iPad work great with this activity because the students are researching many different food chains.  Each student gets an iPad and starts researching food chains and then when they decide on a food chain they want to pursue they can use the iPad for more in-depth research.  Also, from the iPad, they can find many pictures of their food chain to post in their Field Book.  I really enjoyed this assignment and so did my students!

ACET Standards Used:

Standard 2 Development

2.1, 2.3, 2.4

Standard 4 Management

4.2, 4.4


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