Paula Cianciola EDTECH Learning Log

Well..this is my first blog and I am super excited to be a “BLOGGER!!”

I am currently attending Boise State University trying to achieve my Master’s degree in Educational Technology. I am enjoying my classes thus far, but I am definitely slow with the process of learning all the new technology out there!

I am from Mentor, Ohio which is about 20 minutes out of Cleveland. I have the most amazing family! My parents are unbelievable! I have one sister and one brother. I am engaged to the most amazing guy ever! We are getting married this September. We have three “kids.” 2 doggies and a cat.

I graduated from Cleveland State University in 2007 and have been teaching ever since! I love teaching! It is definitely my passion in life. I am striving to get my Master’s in Educational Technology because I want to “WOW” my students when they enter my room. I want my student’s to come in to class everyday excited and wanting to learn. I believe the only way to succeed in this is through technology. There are so many different ways to utilize technology in the classroom. I do not want to be the teacher who is not up-to-date and uses all the “old” technology! I want to be the one that is current with the technology that is out there in the world!! I also want to be the one that my peers can come to for questions or suggestions about certain technology!

This is what I hope to learn as I journey through this new adventure in my life!


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